Том 25 (2020): S4

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Efficiency of remote blood pressure monitoring in outpatients with hypertension: a pilot project in a city ambulatory care clinic

Short-term outcomes of Ozaki procedure: a multicenter study

SIRENA score for in-hospital mortality risk assessment in patients with acute pulmonary embolism

Change of concentration of biochemical markers of dysfunction of endothelium at intake of inhibitors of tyrosinekinase of I and II generations at patients with a chronic myeloid leukemia as risk factor of development of cardiovascular complications

Coronavirus disease 2019 in a patient with CADASIL syndrome: a case report

Novel biological markers for the diagnosis and prediction of mortality risk in patients with pulmonary embolism

Hypertension in pregnancy: controversial issues of national and international guidelines

Increased natriuretic peptides not associated with heart failure

Association of medical staffing and outcomes in cardiovascular diseases

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anticoagulants aortic valve aortic valve neo-cuspitization atrial fibrillation blood pressure CADASIL cardiologist cardiotoxicity chronic myeloid leukemia co - ronavirus disease COVID-19 deep vein thrombosis endothelial dysfunction exercise false positive causes of elevation follow-up monitor heart failure hypertension mar - kers mortality natriuretic peptides outcomes Ozaki procedure preeclampsia pregnancy prognosis pulmonary embolism register remote monitoring renal failure risk stratification sacubitril/valsartan SARS-CoV-2 SIRENA score specialist staffing stroke treatment

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